The Author

TomEngineer – Looking for serious new challenge and professional environment in qualified engineer/management position (Electronics/Media/eHealth).

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Professional History

Thomas M. Heiligenmann – Electronics Engineer – graduated at Technical University Heilbronn in 1992. He obtained further education in Technical Business Adminstration (1994).

He grew up in radio/TV service and spent his student internships designing automotive electronics and embedded systrems. His professional career started as Applications and Product Marketing Engineer in semiconductor distribution/resales and continued as IT Director in sales/warehose and a specialized hospital, including logistics, systems design and software development. Recent experiences as Product Manager and Systems Engineer in secure networking solutions in eHealth and satellite services.

Since 2013 he’s board member at the local group of the German Engineers Association (VDI). Besides his activities in technical or cultural interests he also spends his time with IoT, electronics, robotics, biking, and enjoys meeting with friends.

This is his personal blog.

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